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Ms. Ginna
Writing Instructor

With her bachelor’s degree in literature and creative writing from the University of Montana and Master’s in Fine Arts from Goddard College where she studied poetry and literature, Ginna Luck has more than six years of teaching essay and creative writing experience and over ten years of writing, editing and publishing experience. Nominated for two Pushcart Prizes as an author, Ms. Ginna has been published in many magazines and journals. While travelling all over the world as a student of literature, she taught one year of ESL at the college level. She is a mom of three boys: eleven, thirteen, and twenty-one. Along with teaching and writing Ginna is also a caretaker for typically developing and disabled kids and finds she has the patience and kindhearted demeanor that children are drawn to. With all the children in her life, she is continuously building her knowledge of children’s fiction, non-fiction and picture books. She works daily to build the reading and writing skills for the youth in her life. Writing and teaching are her passions, something she takes very seriously as an art.