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Frequently asked questions
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  • How is writing symphony different from other enrichment programs?

    Our program is unique in that it uses a step-by-step system, based on the Institute for Excellence in Writing methodology, to teach writing that is typically not taught in a traditional English Language Arts class. Our comprehensive writing curriculum uses a balanced literacy approach so that all students have the opportunity to grow in listening, reading, and speaking while they focus on building their confidence and competence in writing. Our program is a practiced-based process. Students of all backgrounds and abilities have been successful with this approach to writing because of its systemic nature. Students are given simple, easy to use checklists and word banks to help them gradually incorporate advanced writing techniques. Similarly, our public speaking program follows a proven system developed by Page Olson, creator of the Olson Method, and implements strategies and skills to boost student confidence and competence.

  • Which level should I enroll my student in?

    If your student is new to Writing Symphony, we recommend enrolling in our Level Courses based on their current grade level: Melody (Grade 1-2), Harmony (Grade 2-3), Largo (Grades 3-4), Echo (Grades 4-5), Presto (Grades 6-7), or Andante (Grades 8-10) series. Because we use a unique teaching methodology that isn’t offered in mainstream English Language Arts classes, it’s important that your student begin at the start of a level. Students are initially placed into each class based on their grade-level and familiarity with the Writing Symphony methodology. In some cases, students may take a placement test to determine the appropriate starting level.

    Our teachers will always recommend that your student build a strong foundation at first rather than move too quickly. Mastery of core concepts is critical to our methodology and why our students produce such clear results. If you feel your student is not sufficiently challenged after the first three class sessions, our teachers will be happy to discuss an alternative placement.

  • My child can’t attend class this week. Do you offer makeup classes or recordings?

    If your child misses class, please find the homework and Key Changes video covered in that week’s class at our homework platform, Showbie ( We do not offer makeup classes or recordings.

  • How much homework should my student expect each week?

    Homework varies between each class. Students can expect weekly homework assignments that should take between 15-20 minutes to complete on a daily basis. For our writing classes, students will be given a written assignment and grammar worksheet each week. We encourage you to speak with your student’s teacher if you have any questions regarding class assignments.

  • What materials should my student bring to class?

    Please help your student stay organized by having them prepared when class begins with the following:

    • Pencil or pen;
    • a composition notebook or lined, loose-leaf notebook paper; and
    • access to their homework submission and this week’s source text.

    It is also important to be sure your child's webcam and microphone are working so they can fully participate in each class.

  • My student is an English language learner. Is this program the right fit?

    While all of our programs are a great option for ESL/ELL students, we generally encourage students to enroll in one of our ELL courses if they are either currently enrolled in an ELL course in school or, if they are an international student, do not feel they are fluent in English. Using the same outstanding base curriculum, our ELL courses adjust the curriculum to focus on grammar, reading comprehension and vocabulary-building. Please let a staff member know if your student is an English Language Learner and we will be happy to place them in a class that best meets their needs.

  • What is your teacher-to-student ratio?

    Each Writing Symphony class is capped at 6 students per teacher. We believe that small class sizes maximize learning outcomes and personalize your child’s learning experience.

  • Do you offer 1-on-1 tutoring?

    We do not offer individual tutoring, only small group classes. We believe students learn best when they listen to and give feedback on their peers’ writing. Students will share their writing during every class, which allows them to hear how their peers apply writing techniques using the same set of basic information, also known as a Source Text.

  • Will you have classes during school holidays and breaks?

    Our Academic Calendar provides details about the specific class dates. If you have any questions, please contact the WS Support Team (

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