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What we offer

Writing Symphony offers a wide range of courses to meet your child's needs.
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About Writing Symphony
Writing Program Overview

Our writing programs combine engaging writing techniques with intensive academic instruction to help your child become a more proficient communicator. The Writing Symphony methodology helps students build confidence as they review writing fundamentals, including sentence structure, mechanics, editing/proofreading, vocabulary, and writing variations.

Our programs are outcome-based to ensure that when your student receives a challenging high school or college writing assignment, they can tackle it with confidence, knowing they have an entire “toolkit” of strategies to succeed. We offer a variety of year-round, online classes available to students in the US and around the world.

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Level Courses
33 class sessions

Our Level Courses each span 33 class sessions*, with a review and Final Unit Writing Assessment given every 11th lesson. Students meet with their Writing Symphony teacher once a week for one hour in a small group setting. Students will learn to read, write, and speak in quality sentences and paragraphs, then transition smoothly into writing and telling narrative stories, 5-paragraph essays, literary analyses, and more.

*Unless otherwise noted

Writing and Public Speaking Courses
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Writing Symphony mini-courses provide ten 90-minute session intensives to help students hone their skills on a variety of individual topics including: Creative Writing, SSAT Writing Test Prep, Note-Taking for Academic Success, and Dramatic Storytelling. These courses allow students to go deeper into these topics – building on skills previously learned or developing new ones.

According to the Northwest Evaluation Association, “A sobering trend is the pace of summer learning loss, which we calculated by estimating the ratio of summer loss to school-year gains for each grade. In the summer following third grade, students lose nearly 20-27% of their school-year gains. By the summer after seventh grade, students lose on average 36-50% of their school-year gains. In other words, summer learning loss increases with age through elementary and middle school.”

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