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Ms. Page
Public Speaking Teacher

Founder of Parenting without Fear: Behavior IS the messenger, Page is skilled at observing and understanding children, seeing what parents don’t yet see.

Page started observing behaviors as a window into personalities and emotional well-being, in her mid-twenties, when she began to ride and work with horses. After having her own children, she left her career to be a stay-at-home-mom. Using behavior observation, Page sot to understand “Why” her children were acting certain ways; letting the child guide her in how to raise them individually. Learning challenges lead Page to homeschool her children from a cosmopolitan perspective.

For over 20 years while raising her children, Page worked with dozens of children and their families in a wide variety of activities. During that time, many parents told her "we can't do what you do." It has taken her many years to figure out what they meant. What she had learned how to do was how to listen to the child's behavior and read what they were not able to say. She let the children teach her how to support and facilitate their journeys of self-discovery and their individual paths towards finding their own interests and strengths.

Today, Page shares what she has learned as a dynamic, inspiring, story-telling speaker and author. In 2016, she was named one of America’s PremierExperts. Page co-authored, with Brian Tracy, an Amazon best-selling book, in 3 categories, titled: “Success Manifesto”. Page is also honored to be listed as one of the 2017 top 100 Authority persons in Influence Magazines.