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Ms. Devyn
Writing Teacher

Devyn Couch is an educator with over eight years of classroom and private tutoring/test preparation experience.

She graduated summa cum laude from Rowan University with dual degrees in Elementary Education and English and has shared her passion for the written word with students of all age groups ever since.

Most recently, Devyn spent three years teaching English as a Second Language to junior high school students in Japan, via the JET Program. Before that, she brought writing to life for elementary students through Writer’s Workshop—her favorite part of which was helping students to develop their “voice” as authors.

A creative writer herself, it is her goal to increase students’ confidence as well as their skills in writing, as it would be a shame for children to go through life with all of their stories trapped inside themselves. Any time a student tells her, “I’m a writer!” or “I didn’t know that writing could be fun!” she knows that she wouldn’t rather be doing anything else.