WS Reading Program

Writing Symphony using the acclaimed Achieve3000®’s patented literacy solutions as their framework for teaching reading and comprehension to students. With A patented 5 Step Literacy Routine, each student has the potential to double or triple their reading Lexile® score in a single school year. This program provides differentiated instruction for literacy within varied content areas. The student has many opportunities improve their Language Art skills using evidence based writing and specific reading strategies. It strengthens and enhances the student’s vocabulary and reading comprehension. It is a proven system to prepare your child for standardized tests like the SSAT, TOEFL, ACT and the SAT. Our reading program is a great launching pad to a successful career in any field your student chooses.

Photo by zeremski/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by zeremski/iStock / Getty Images

School Year Program (Online)

Feature Highlight:

  • Writing Component
  • 20+ Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • 3 articles a week homework
  • Strategic differentiated instruction
  • Small Group, 4 students per class
  • Building Test Taking skills and vocabulary list

Our school year program includes individualized instruction once a week provided by trained teachers who will work with your students one on one or in small groups. With A 3000, strategic differentiated instruction it allows the student to read the material at their individual Lexile level. Each lesson teaches a different closed reading strategy that allows your student to grow in their reading comprehension and test taking skills. Each lesson has a vocabulary list that is tailored to your child’s ability level. Each lesson also has a written component that teaches different writing techniques that enhance both creative and technical writing abilities. Each week your child will read two to three articles and complete a series of activities related to that article. Each activity is designed to improve standardized test performance as well as improvement in written expression and overall language arts skills. Each lesson also includes a math enrichment activity.

Writing Symphony online reading program uses the same award-winning Achieve3000 program. Each student will get their own individualized account to use for Achieve3000. This provides the student with the ability to work at their own pace with the guidance of a teacher who will meet with your student or small group once a week online. The online class uses the same techniques and strategies as the school year program, but in an online format.

Photo by FotoimperiyA/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by FotoimperiyA/iStock / Getty Images

Summer Reading Program 

Our summer reading program is faster paced intensive course that help student improve their reading comprehension and build vocabulary. Detail will be added for our 2019 summer reading program soon. 

* Currently Writing Symphony only offer Reading Program online to students who live outside King County, Washington.