Public Speaking | Half Day | Session 2-4

Public Speaking | Half Day | Session 2-4


Session 2 | Jul 8 - Jul 19 | 1:00pm-3:30pm | Blaze (Near Microsoft)

Session 3 | Jul 22 - Aug 2 | :00pm-3:30pm | Blaze (Near Microsoft)

Session 4 | Aug 5 - Aug 16 | :00pm-3:30pm | Blaze (Near Microsoft)

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Session 2 | July 8-July 19 | The Great Debate!

Do you know how to win an argument? Persuasive speaking is a valuable communication skill. Learning to debate prepares you for college, career, and competition. This class will get you ready to deliberate, agitate, and cogitate!

Session 3 | July 22-Aug 2 | Join the Model fUN!

Model fUN is inspired by the UN General Assembly. Participants perform an ambassador role while debating topics of their choosing. Students will cultivate communication skills and knowledge about the world through public speaking, critical thinking, and research.

Session 4 | Aug 5-Aug 16 | TEDx Apex –Get on YOUTube

If you had 5 minutes to speak to the world, what would you say? TEDx speakers provide impassioned messages about inspiring topics. YOU’ll be crafting speeches that will be recorded and uploaded to YOUTube, which you can share with family and friends!

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