Summer Writing Intensive | Unit 3 | Aug 5 - Aug 16

Summer Writing Intensive | Unit 3 | Aug 5 - Aug 16

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Session 3 | Aug 2 - Aug 16 | 9:30am - 3:30pm

Writing is an essential skill that many students often fail to develop during the academic school year due to large class sizes and limited teacher feedback. Capped at just 8 students per class, this intensive camp will help your child gain the English Language Arts skills they need to succeed in middle school, high school, college and beyond.

We’re excited to offer our popular academic writing program in an accelerated format over the summer. Students will receive the same number of instruction hours as our standard trimester school-year classes, however the trimester’s content will be taught over 2 consecutive weeks (Monday - Friday). Looking to join a friend in another class level? Intensive camps are a great way for students who missed a trimester during the school year to catch up in time for Fall classes.

Course Outcomes

  • Adopt academic structural models such as outlining, summarizing and symthesizing research references.
  • Master stylistic techniques such as multi-clausal sentences.
  • Learn parts of speech and grammar skills to improve sentence fluency.
  • Expand vocabulary 45+ academic words.
  • TWS "Writer's Toolkit" Course Pack with Style, Grammar & Vocabulary Reference Guides.