Creative Writing & Storytelling | Full Day | Aug 19 - Aug 30

Creative Writing & Storytelling | Full Day | Aug 19 - Aug 30

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Session 5 | Aug 19 - Aug 31 |9:30am - 3:30pm

Unleash your imagination while honing your skills as a writer. Students will explore different types of fiction and non-fiction creative writing, including short stories and personal essays. We’ll learn how to bring characters to life, develop an effective plotline and command the English language through word choice and style. Students interested in taking their writing to the next level will learn about local competitions, publication opportunities and how to share their work in online formats such as digital books, websites, and blogs. At the end of the week, students will see their original work come to life in a professionally-printed writing portfolio.

Camp Takeaways

  • Adopt narrative structural models
  • Master stylistic techniques such as sensory details
  • Improve sentence mechanics and fluency
  • Learn 45+ vocabulary words for storytelling
  • TWS “Creative Writing” Course Pack with Stylistic Techniques & Vocabulary Reference Guides
  • Produce All-Camp Writing Portfolio