Writing Program Overview

Our programs combine engaging creative writing activities with intensive academic instruction to help your child become a better thinker, writer, and reader. The Writing Symphony methodology helps students build confidence as they review writing fundamentals including sentence structure, mechanics, proofreading, vocabulary, and stylistic techniques.

Our goal is to ensure that when your student receives a challenging high school or college writing assignment, they can tackle it with confidence knowing they have an entire “toolkit” of strategies to succeed. We offer a variety of classes year-round at multiple locations in the Greater Seattle area. We are also proud to offer online programs taught through our live, interactive virtual classroom.


School Year Programs

Our School Year program spans three trimesters, with each trimester consisting of 11 classes. Students meet with an instructor for one hour, once per week in a small group setting. Our School Year program is designed to establish a strong foundation for your child's writing process. Students will learn to read and write quality sentences and paragraphs, then transition smoothly into writing narrative stories, 5-paragraph essays, literary analyses, and more.

Online Writing Programs

Our online writing programs offer the same expert instruction and learning outcomes as our in-person classes. The class structure and content are the same, however our online courses are taught in a virtual space and are limited to small groups of four students. Our online classroom allows for an engaging, high-energy learning experience in which students can interact with their instructor and peers through live video conferencing and text chat. It is a great choice for families with busy schedules or for those who cannot attend our in-person class locations, due to the added flexibility and convenience of learning from home.



Summer Writing courses

During the summer, Writing Symphony offers intensive, two-week academic courses from June to August. Students focus on writing and public speaking to strengthen their overall communication skills and help them excel in English Language Arts classes. While the summer curriculum is different from our School Year Program, students will learn to apply the same Writing Symphony Think, Write, Speak methodology taught across all of our writing programs. At the end of their 2-week camp, students complete a capstone project, which they will present to friends, family, and the Writing Symphony community.

Select the Writing Course That is Appropriate for Your Child

 Our world-class enrichment programs are designed to complement the curriculum of mainstream education institutions.