Ms. Debby

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Debby has taught all subjects to both homeschool students and public school students of all ages. She has substituted in her local school district for elementary grades through high school. She has also taught to both special education and ELL students. Debby holds a master’s degree in English with a focus on teaching at the post-secondary level. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies. Having taught both within the homeschool community for co-ops and the public school system, Debby loves designing and teaching curriculum which appeals to many learning styles. Her favorite teaching method to use in the classroom is that of inquiry. Asking questions and having discussion within the classroom amongst peers is an excellent way to make learning relevant to our own lives. This method also allows for participation and an interaction with the material which helps long term learning and comprehension. Debby loves to teach writing and reading comprehension while using texts and topics that the students are already passionate about. Writing is an essential skill for communicating and success which can be practiced al all levels.