Ms. Patience

Patience is passionate about education: both as a teacher and as a student. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, with honors, from Arizona State University. She earned her post-baccalaureate teaching certification during her first year teaching full time in a 6th grade Language Arts classroom. This trial-by-fire experience proved to Patience that she was destined to be an educator. Nothing else could explain how she was able to successfully juggle being a full-time teacher, full-time student, and full-time parent simultaneously!

After receiving her Secondary Language Arts certification she moved on to graduate school. Grand Canyon University awarded Patience a Master of Arts in Reading with an Emphasis in Secondary Education in 2018. She currently holds a Standard Professional Teaching Certification in Language Arts with endorsements in Reading and Structured English Immersion. Her entire formal teaching experience has been in classrooms where the majority of the students are English Language Learners.
In addition to her wide variety of post-graduate work in Language Arts, Patience is a published author. She currently provides ghostwriting services to anyone who wants their story told in compelling and dynamic prose. She also has had multiple articles published on the subjects of parenting, education, and living your best life.