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To be a truly well-rounded
communicator, public speaking is key.

Writing Symphony courses include public speaking as a foundational element, in large part to help students present their outlines, stories and other works to the classroom as a way to gain instant feedback. This constant feedback loop of both writing and presentation components is another way our methodology stands out from other writing literacy and language arts programs for kids.

In addition, we are proud to be in partnership with Ms. Page, a nationally recognized leader in the art of public speaking. (SEE BIO) Her career-spanning focus on public speaking makes her a highly sought-after mentor and instructor, for both children and adults. Some program detail:

  • Recommended for students, grades 6-8 (Middle School) and grades 9-12 (High School)
  • There are 9 semesters in this course series – 3 semesters during the academic school year for 3 years.

At Writing Symphony, we understand and celebrate the unique synergies between writing and presenting. By mastering both, students are better prepared for success in school and career.

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