Public Speaking & Leadership Program


Effective Communication: the Answer to our Leadership Crisis

We face a leadership crisis. Technology has replaced interpersonal communication skills with a white noise of text on hand held screens and devices. The solution to this crisis is confident and competent communicators.

Communication is not optional; Speaking in front of others is inevitable

Whether you’re a student; a chef; a coach; or a CEO, you'll have to speak publicly. Students give class presentations, chefs give directions, coaches instruct their team, and CEOs head meetings. Some positions are more communication-heavy than others, but everyone will face a time when they need to make a point, take a stand, or get a job done. When that time comes, it’s best to be prepared and communicate what you need to say as effectively as possible.

Learning to become an effective public speaker can be the key difference between success and failure in your life at home, at work and in your own community!

Being a good speaker is part of being a good leader

The greatest leaders of our time are also some of the best speakers – in fact, their ability to speak clearly, compellingly, and charismatically are a big part of how they became leaders in the first place. One’s ability to lead is closely entwined with their ability to connect with, and motivate their audience.

Young people who excel at impactful language, inspiring messages, and selfless actions, will be exceptional leaders now, and in the future. Jackie Bailey has spent more than 30 years mentoring youth and adults in leadership, public speaking and interpersonal communication.

Practicing your public speaking skills will make you an overall better communicator

Just as reading a lot can make you a better writer, practicing public speaking will hone your skills as an overall communicator. Through courses offered at Writing Symphony, your child will discover his/her potential to be a powerful and exceptional leader. You'll see improvement in his/her public speaking, active listening, effective expression, and interpersonal communication skills. He/she will develop foundational qualities of influential 

Being comfortable public speaking will help you in an interview setting

Whether you’re delivering a speech or the subject of an interview, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the experience is being the center of attention. Because public speaking and an interview setting can often be so similar, becoming a self-assured speaker will only enhance your comfortability while in the spotlight in other settings. If you’re used to delivering speeches and presentations to dozens or even hundreds of people, you’re going to be primed for some serious one-on-one or two-on-one interview time.

Not only will public speaking experience give you confidence in your qualifications, but you can also feel confident in your actual communication skills. Interviewers, whether they be for employment opportunities, scholarship applications, or volunteer positions, are always looking for someone who can speak well and do it with assertiveness


About Jackie Bailey

Jackie Bailey is an international speaker, trainer and mentor.  Her influence has left its mark in the following ways:

As a motivational and informational speaker at companies such as MICROSOFT, BOEING, PUGET SOUND ENERGY, FRED HUTCH CANCER CENTER, COSTCO, and others.

As a local director of the largest communication-focused non-profit organization in the world – Toastmasters International from 2009 to 2013

As the author of SELF-Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional published in 2014 and available on Amazon.

As a 2015 semi-finalist in The World Championship of Public Speaking – placing Jackie in the top 98 speakers of 33,000 competitors world-wide

As the facilitator of "Communicating with More Than Thumbs"; "Speak Up, and Speak Out"; and "You can be a Super Speaker" communication/leadership workshops for youth ages 8-17 since 2015

As the mother of two adult children; and the grandmother of four wonderful children ages 3 and up.

Jackie Bailey's Achievements

  • Co-Producer of The Tribute Time Machine starring Pat Cashman, a musical stage show performing monthly in the Seattle area

  • A semi-finalist in the 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking

  • Placed in the top 98 speakers IN THE WORLD

  • Author of SELF-Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional, and Exceptional

  • Awarded 2012 Excellence in Education and Training

  • Awarded 2011 Excellence in Marketing

  • Developed more than 25 non-profit organizations in the Seattle area since 2010

  • Founder of Emerald City Consulting

  • Writer of Navigating Your Fishbowl blog

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