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The Writing Symphony
approach to education is simple.
Think. Write. Speak. Repeat.

At Writing Symphony we keep the virtual classroom headcount small – no more than 6 students per section. We engage highly motivated, certified teachers. We create a welcoming environment that promotes student participation. Then, we get students working. Building on last week’s skills, each lesson introduces new concepts and gives students multiple opportunties to practice what they have learned. Students present to other students for feedback and are encouraged to involve their parents in the process.

Our programs are outcome-based to ensure that when your child receives a future writing or speaking assignment, they can tackle it with confidence and courage, knowing they have an entire “toolkit” of strategies to succeed.

We offer:

  • A variety of online writing and speaking classes for children grades 1 through 8
  • Class sizes that are limited to 6 students, providing an engaging and safe environment that promotes a highly participatory classroom
  • Experienced teachers trained in the Writing Symphony methodology

Similar to learning a musical instrument, excelling in writing literacy and the language arts requires a firm grasp of the fundamentals, an understanding of different styles and techniques, individualized coaching from passionate teachers … and practice. Lots of practice. This is why the company is called Writing Symphony and why our mantra is Think. Write. Speak. Repeat.

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