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Reading Program Overview

Our innovative reading program features personalized, adaptive content to help your student make measurable improvements in comprehension and critical thinking.

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ONGOing Assessments

We measure your student’s reading level with an initial diagnostic test. Throughout the course of the program, students will complete regular assessments aligned to grade-level standards. Those preparing for standardized state or national exams will learn valuable test-taking strategies.


Personalized & Adaptive content

Our innovative reading curriculum features differentiated, grade-appropriate, nonfiction passages, matched to each student’s individual reading level. As your student progresses, their reading assignments will increase in length and include more advanced sentence structure and vocabulary.


PRoven METHODology

By reading just 2-3 articles per week, students and parents can expect to see noticeable gains in their Lexile® quantitative reading scores. Students will learn a total of 20 reading strategies, each of which is designed to improve overall comprehension, critical thinking and vocabulary.


Programs Details


EARLY READERS - Pre-K to Grade 2

Students in our early elementary classes focus on foundational reading strategies, vocabulary and phonics. They’ll explore fun, engaging topics while learning how to pick out the main idea of fiction and nonfiction texts.


Students in our middle to upper elementary classes will learn and practice all 20 reading strategies, including summarizing, generating questions, activating prior knowledge and analyzing different text structures.


Students in middle and high school will review each reading strategy, learning how to annotate text and actively engage in socratic seminars and novel studies. Our upper level classes also focus on building academic vocabulary and test-taking strategies.

*Our reading program is currently only offered in limited areas. Call us to check if classes are available in your area.