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From reluctant writers to avid wordsmiths, our students and their families have discovered the power in effective communication. Read their stories below.

Writing has been the toughest subject for my daughter. She needed to be foundational in her grammar knowledge and was battling with “perfect product anxiety” to where she had basically given up even trying to do a decent job of writing assignments. ... This program has given her the confidence and the positive feedback by using a checklist that makes senses more clearly stated and accurate with what she is trying to say.
— Parent of Sophia, Age 12

I could not help my children with writing. We speak English as a second language at home and I struggle with speaking and writing. I had no idea that Aaron had the ability to write as well as he now is writing. The weekly practice that these classes offered him brought him out of his shell and now he is confident and explores many different subjects to write about.
— Parent of Aaron, Age 10

I am a believer. Sentence structure through a list of how to “add on” to the basic subject/ verb sentence has made a huge difference in Kate’s writing. She is very comfortable now with writing a rough draft and going back and adding clearer wording and stronger wording to help get her message across.
— Parent of Kate, Age 13
In the public speaking course, I learned to internalize my message, rather than memorize it. There is a difference in telling a story versus sharing a powerful message.
— Student, Age 13
I learned a core value unique to me, and how to give an impactful speech about it. I can now communicate with more confidence and fewer filler words.
— Alan J, Age 13
After taking one of Ms. Jackie’s courses I can communicate more powerfully because I know how to give a good speech. I also learned how to provide better feedback to others.
— Clarence G. Age 12
Ms. Jackie’s speech class was AWESOME!! I know now that gestures are important when giving a speech. I know how to organize a speech, and the 3,
2, 1 method of giving feedback.
— Grace C, Age 14
From Ms. Jackie’s workshop I learned, 1. How to be confident; 2. Don’t be afraid to say what you want to tell the world; 3. How to be clear and concise.
— - Student, Age 14
I had fun in Ms. Jackie’s class, and I enjoyed it a lot. I liked how our class all ‘linked’ together.
— Richard F, Age 13
I feel more comfortable speaking, and I learned a lot about different speech types: informative, persuasive, entertaining, and inspiring speeches. I know how to develop each one differently.
— Student, Age 14

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