Our Story


MJ GLeichman, Company Co-Founder

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As an educator and mother of two, MJ Gleichman brings over 30 years of experience developing curriculum and teaching students to think, write, and speak critically. MJ holds a Masters degree in Curriculum and has dedicated her career to helping students of all backgrounds and abilities become effective, articulate communicators.

While homeschooling her own children, MJ discovered that the most challenging and time-intensive subject to teach was writing. She researched a variety of curriculum options and  was surprised by the lack of high-quality, engaging writing programs - especially those designed for the reluctant writer.

Recognizing this gap, MJ began to offer writing classes using her own systematic, practice-based method. Her students saw such clear improvements that their teachers began commenting on the superior quality of their work. Many improved their grades in English Language Arts by 1-2 levels. The word spread quickly and within one year, MJ’s writing program grew to over 150 students. Today, MJ’s classes are highly sought out by both parents and students themselves.

Because of this success, MJ’s dream is to bring her teaching methodology to as many students as possible through Writing Symphony.

Diane Li, Company Co-Founder


As a parent, entrepreneur, business leader, and angel investor, Diane is passionate about bringing innovative new education programs to the greater Seattle area and globally by uniting local business partners, industry experts and passionate educators. 

Prior to founding Writing Symphony and Blaze Education, Diane was a business leader at global companies including Microsoft, Chinasoft and Beyondsoft. For the past 20+ years she has been actively involved in the education of her children. Through this experience, she noticed critical gaps between what was being taught in the classroom and the communication skills her children needed to succeed as working professionals. Diane firmly believes in the power of Writing and Public Speaking education as the solution to ensure students are prepared for life beyond the classroom. Diane drives company growth strategy and business operation. Diane held a B. S. in Mathematics and a MBA in Business Administration.