Echo Level


Echo I

Third through fifth-grade reading level students are guided through the beginnings of a methodology and system where reading comprehension through keyword outlining and notetaking will be the focus. Weekly vocabulary and foundational grammar rules will be used to solidify the meaning of the written sentence structure and style. This level will be a guided practice in helping the students “think” then “write”. Lesson 1-12 will be taught. Reading comprehension and source text content will increase at this level and writing assignments will be given in preparation for the middle school writing level.

echo II

The elements of structure and style are added from the system to continue to build confidence and competence in writing. Grammar rule teaching builds from level one and vocabulary levels increase. Students will be writing every week. Level one is mandatory for progressing to this level. Lessons 13-24 will be taught.



echo III

The final stages of the methodology are taught to round out and complete lessons 25-36. Students will be finishing book two of a three-part book series on grammar and reading comprehension. The level of writing at the Echo level will set the standard for middle school writing.