Online Writing Class

Online Writing Class

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Recommended for:

Grade 1 - 9

  • Melody: Recommended for Grade 1-2
  • Harmony: Recommended for Grade 2-3
  • Largo: Recommended for Grade 3-4
  • Echo: Recommended for Grade 4-5
  • Allegro: Recommended for Grade 6+
  • Overture: Recommended for Grade 7+ (Prerequisite: Allegro)


  • Students should have grade level reading and listening skills

Course Format:

1 hour per week, 33 weeks to complete the level.

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Course Overview

Our programs combine engaging creative writing activities with intensive academic instruction to help your child become a better thinker, writer, and reader. The Writing Symphony methodology helps students build confidence as they review writing fundamentals including sentence structure, mechanics, proofreading, vocabulary, and style techniques.

Our goal is to ensure that when your student receives a challenging high school or college writing assignment, they can tackle it with confidence, knowing they have an entire “toolkit” of strategies to succeed. We offer a variety of classes year-round at multiple locations in the Greater Seattle area. We are also proud to offer online programs taught through our live, interactive virtual classroom.

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